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It’s a Story of a girl named “ZOHA” from a remote village during her schooling days.

In the class blackboard, there was a word on the blackboard “S I R”. My Teacher announced that whoever read that word properly he/she will get a chocolate. There were 32 children in the class, they all pronounced as “S A R” , “S E R”, “S E R”, “S E R”, “S U R”, …….and then i got a chance to pronounce the word. i made my mind to pronounce like “S I R”. with more of combination of “ae” in the middle of the word. The teacher was little excited to watch me, as it sounded the actual word. then the teacher appreciated me by clapping his hands, then followed by other class students in clapping their hands. that incident made me a ” An ENGLISH GIRL “ in my village.

After that incident, i was called for every activity using English language like writings, speakings etc. there will be my name(Zoha) listed in their call, who became the most famous girl for speaking in English. For most of you, its like a common story but its about a school where teachers have to fill children’s like garbage, with all the four sections in one class room and had got drenched most of the time in my class room during rainy seasons. Regardless to the condition of the school, education in my village is the biggest dream for most of the people.

Year passed, one fine day, we had the English Medium school opened in our village. After seeing my better academic scores in fifth grade, my father told me that he would admit me in that English Medium School. In-spite of my father’s interest to admit me in English Medium school. I was little worried about the school fee and said my father that the school fee would be very high to pay and we might not afford to pay the fees. And he gave a firm reply that there wouldn’t be any fee for just visiting the school, that showed his interest in making me to pursue my higher grades in English Medium School and i was very happy to visit the school on the day.

I got ready immediately after that, my mom helped me to dress well.

After reaching the gate, the security welcomed us by opening the school gate and took us to the principal’s office. Where i met the School principal with inheritance. He ask me lot of questions in English. As my papa knew only Hindi language, being local guy born and raised that place he don’t know any other languages. But i started to anticipate for the principals questions with the English words i knew. I replied with words like “for, what, why, is, okay, are, name it, this, no, yes…” .

And after some time, a boy Harsh came in to the principal’s office. He started to speak English fluently like a native English speaker his rhetorical ability inspired me. Meanwhile i peep out of the window, there i noticed some students are riding horse, there were stable in the school and in another window i could see the school students playing basketball in the under construction ground.

After seeing all this… I thought myself that i should do my schooling in such a school.

After my summer vocation, my English life started. After seeing a new face between students, some used to ask ..what is your name?, Where are you from?..blah blah. I couldn’t understand anything because i was just an english girl from my village and here they start there day in english and finishes by english. Teacher also started to teach us in a fast way english and start to call one by one in front of the blackboard.

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I couldn’t understand their english as well as their writings 😦 . Like everyday it becomes my daily routine that going to school with my loneliness and simply sit there and watch outside and then come by evening .

And then one fine day i started to cry and told to my mom and dad that i can not do this daily , blah blah blah….etc. I convinced Papa but my Maa will send me to that school and makes me a speaker in english.

And then next school day Me and My loneliness again in that school But this time something different happen….by the time of evening i saw principal just front of me. He looks like he had a big amount of julab-jamun(sweet) in his mouth and asked me “Zoha, what was tough today?” i didn’t know what to reply, so i stand numb in front of him. Then he broke his rule and translated me in Hindi , ” aaj kya muskil tha?” means “what was tough today?” I didn’t replied anything to him, just standing like a statue in front. Then he told me you have to say the same question -> answer daily to me in english after your day finished.

And remember your daily answers should be different…(after some sec) he said..Your mom was telling that you are good in speaking in Hindi so you will go from our school side to district level competition after some days. So, just get ready with your speech by the morning in my cabin.

Then what …Morning speech practice and by Evening “what was tough today?” answer to principal become my daily work. For doing & telling these answer makes me comfortable that i am doing something different than others!. After these many days practice i win the gold medal in Hindi speech at District Level. When i went to the stage the guests thought as i am from english medium so they said “speak something in english?” Again i became numb in front of all :(. after some moment of time i said thaaank u in place of thank you!

Then what, everyone started to smile a lottt. I feel shy and shame in front of all. After getting down from stage i found something different in me, like something new, a new Zoha, a new life, a new happiness etc.

After some month my principal left the School and we never met again. Honestly i didn’t even remember his name. but i remember still the question he used to asked me from “What was tough today?” to “What was easy today?” .

All he done to teach me one thing that “TO LIVE LIFE ONE DAY AT A TIME“.

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They say “ Life is all about finding the answers“, and “what if you do not have the right question?”. If you see your friend giving up on something, then just ask him this answer for this question “What was tough today?“. Then like me anyone can learn “thaaank u” to say


Written by – Ravindra Gupta