Which path makes a mechanical engineer to get a maximum salary?

If salary was your first preference, then you must have chosen a career that is demanding in the near future, like AI or Machine learning. If you have a background in coding and have a flair in statistics, then it is still not late into venture into those fields.

But if you are interested in Mechanical Engineering and wish to pursue the same, to be honest, you might not be getting a high salary during the start of your career. But in the long run, being in the core field facilitates greater growth in the career than in the software field ( not applicable for software engineers who are always updated with the latest technology, they will definitely grow).

  1. So assuming you continue in the mechanical engineering path, you can either go for the core field ( Manufacturing, thermal or design ) or industrial engineering ( Operations ).
  2. If you are planning for a core job, you can prepare for GATE and if you end up within AIR of 500 ( Gen category ), you will get jobs in PSUs like BPCL, HPCL, ONGC etc that offer more than 12 LPA package. But warning you that GATE for mechanical aspirants is highly competitive in nature. If you haven’t ended up in a PSU also doesn’t matter because many companies can consider you for a job if you have a good GATE score.
  3. After working for a firm for some time (2 or 3 years), maybe you can think of writing GRE and study MS at a good university abroad.

If you do not want a core job and still want to land up a job in the corporate sector. You may think of cracking CAT and doing an MBA. If you are interested in working in the production or manufacturing sector, you can think of specializing in operations or supply chain management. NITIE Mumbai is one of the best institutes for doing industrial engineering and the average package is roughly 18–20 LPA.

  1. You can apply to NITIE using both GATE and CAT score ( 96+ percentile for Gen Category ). Otherwise, you can consider joining other colleges depending on your CAT score. So these are the career opportunities after mechanical engineering. And one more piece of advice, going after huge salary package may only help you in the short term, what ultimately matters is your passion and the rest will automatically follow.
  2. So follow your passion!

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