What’s a meaningful resolution I can make for 2020?

Some normal resolution:-

  1. Stop trusting each and every single person you come across in life. ( If you are tired of heartbreaks then you got to do this)
  2. Don’t fall in love ( I know it’s hard to be away from this dangerous trap but still To have a successful year you have to do this…” If you are student then please don’t fall in a fake relationship (so called love) which would spoil your studies
  3. Try to wake up early (At least by 5.30am This will really bring in a lot change I bet)
  4. Do exercise , plan a Healthy diet ( Recently I fell ill which made me realize HEALTH IS WEALTH :”) )
  5. Try to help the needy ( because when we die we are not going to take anything that we earned. So DONATE. HELP)
  6. If you want to do something DO IT IMMEDIATELY (Procastination is the thief of time)

I listed my some best following goals to welcome my new year (2020)!

1. Clean Eating, Staying healthy

2. Regular Exercise, More active

3. Less Serious about people, More Fun

4. Book reading, At least one book in 2 months

5. Being more observant, at least 2 solo trips to the entire new place and meeting new people

6. Travel and be as possible as close to nature

7. Plan a budget, cut downing the unwanted expenses and Financially being independent

8. More focus on Work, Improve the productivity

9. More Self respect and less self damage

10.Being grateful. “Say Thanks and sorry more often”

11.Less Social Media, More Quora

12. At least Volunteer once a month ( or as much as get the chance to do it)

13. Being Mindful and not mind full!

Thanks for reading.

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