Know your Attitude!!!

Ever since humans transcended to civilized living being, they started to structure  their culture and diversified habitat. Irrespective of any kind every life is attibuted to the life style based on their geographical demarcation. However, as we wittness the evident form of living that connects the truth for long time and says “attitude is everything” for human beings which explicits once character and the so called personalities. While refering the study of psychology, it infers with characters the outcome of behaviors. But those are accumulation of studies based on the pattern of human behaviors. Thus, they are record as theory of human psychology.

The capability and tendency of humans are the other two factor that make a human being, which has the ability to distinguish and understand everything around the world. These are the infered ability that other living being don’t have like us. Basically humans have three innate attitudes. They are righteousness, desire and unawareness.


The virute of good qualities which ever considered to be great values are righteousness. The human values comprises of divine qualities to be good sprited and sacred, doing once duty every time without failing in it, always following the spiritual path, helping other in every possible ways and not harming any living beings. When some one pursue on those values, it may be painful to follow initially, but while excersing these qualities the result is certainly the bliss with contentment. Contentment is the virute of ultimate bliss from heaven or experiencing heaven like life.


The only main factor, which has taken the world to it’s present stage, and drives the world to the future. The insatiable desire for indulgence of everything is limitless attitude of human invasion. without which they think they can’t live or survive in this world. However, this very virtue desire has its cause and effect as well. The end result is not desirable one for most of the people those who indulge in it. Here is a hint to explain the topic, as one indulge in once desire, the experience during the moment could be pleasue or great pleasure based on the preciving tendency of a person. Regardless to the experience of most awaited moment, it turns to become weary thing with the same routine or repeated experience, the result is pain in the end to give up. Therefore, lust is painful in the end.


This is the sin for human attitudes, this bitter ignorance causes pain in both the time while experiencing and also in the end result. For instance, if someone do not know the blissfully existence of oneself it becomes cruel. Ultimately it causes pain without knowing something exists and the mere result is also afflection. Hence, unawareness is the one quality for human mankind to avoid by over coming through enlighting oneself. “Wisdom” apple may be the beginning of human life on earth but that is the most demanding quality for every life to succeed.

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