What is wrong with private companies in India?

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1.If your manager is male he never listens to any male employee easily.

2.If your manager is female then she will never listens to male employee.

3.In Our corporate world they say don't speak other languages apart from English. But the reality apart from English everyone speaks in their own language.

4.The salary always will be like 14 to 16k per month, for freshers after deductions they will get in hand close to 11,500.
For taking your salary, one should be very flexible to work in the night shifts.

5.The private companies policy says this is the basic pay structure.

6.We always expect we should get the salary at least according to the city cost of living.

7.Take example, Bangalore girls PG rent close to 5,500 to 6,000 and for boys it will be 4,500 to 5,000 rupees per month. Just imagine with the above salary.

8.Remember one thing, Your highest education after 20 years is just going to help you more focused on key board Alt+Tab to switch between the open programmes and change the tabs.

9.Remember, Your productivity is decided on how good u are in copy and paste.

10.Hence in night shifts, If you are ready to extend, the cab will be arranged immediately.

11.If you want to leave soon for the day go by own transportation.

12.The private companies policy says don't pick up the calls in front of the system. But almost everyone pick up the calls.

13.The private companies world says one should adhere to all policies. And the fact is it is very less to see someone who follows closely and adheres to all policies.

14.We never take our work time seriously. If company workplace log in time says 9.30 AM, it should mean 9.30 AM. But in India, it means 11.00 AM. 

15.The Standard working timings are 8 hours. And Its followed strictly in western work culture but here, everyone is expected to work 11–13 hours and be okay with it. 

Hence don't make easy work more complicated.And If you don’t want work to be your life, stop making it your life.


Indian Employees just don’t know how to say “NO”

  1. It’s 6 PM IST people are leaving you are also done with your day in office.. all of sudden

Boss: An apocalyptic bug has occurred in the code you wrote ..fix it now..urgent

You : OK

2. It’s a national holiday/Weekend you are watching movie in cineplex with your family.. all of sudden

Boss: Hey, client has set up an urgent meeting in which he wants to discuss about the next year IT budget and strategy..can you please join

You : OK

3. You are admitted in hospital due to some serious health issue.. all of sudden

Boss: Hey, I know it’s not right time but is it possible for you to join 1 hour call with onsite team to discuss on project timelines

You : OK

This is worst crazy. It is because of these spineless employees everyone suffers..I wonder if ever Indian corporate will be able to get rid of such morons.

Written By : Ravindra Gupta

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